Year: 1996 - 1997. 60 episodios  
Length: 60 min.  
Country: Spain  
Director: Sebastián Junyent  
Lina Morgan, Rafael Alonso, Mary Begoña, Ana Obregón, Tote García Ortega, Marta Puig, Julia Martínez, Joaquín Kremel, María José Alfonso, Fernando Delgado, Pedro Rollán, Lolita Flores.

Producer: Prime Time para TVE  
Reme (Lina Morgan) is a middle age woman (she says to be “thirteenish”) who arrives to Madrid with her father Paciano (Rafael Alonso) and her hen, Cristal (refered to the Soap opera with the same name) to stay at her aunt’s, Asunción, (Mary Begoña) hostel. There she will live with her cousin Elena (Mónica Pont), Sonsy the prostitute (Ana obregón), the old lady, Filo (Tote García Ortega), two old maides, Casta (Marta Puig) and Virginia (Julia Martínez) and the handsome Luis (Joaquín Kremel) whom Reme will fall in love with.